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    Dear Defenders!


    Behind your backs today is Ukraine and each of us. Your hearts are brave, and your souls are unbreakable. You are those for whom courage, honor and duty are not empty words, but real actions.

    Yesterday and today, every day and every moment, we thank each of you. To all those who are fighting against and resisting the enemy. Despite anything, you keep on standing with incredible faith in the country and its future, because you are on your own land. You are liberating cities where every street and every house is familiar because you were born here. You are fighting for your children and grandchildren, whose photos you carry close to your heart. You are protecting the sky under which you used to fall in love, dream, and create. You are fighting for the freedom, our memory, and traditions.

    You have the strength of the invincible because there is so much love in your brave hearts!

    We are with you in this crucial struggle. There are millions of us. Millions of Ukrainians who believe in our victory and in each of our soldiers. People who support and unite, heal and rebuild, repair the equipment and fill it up with high-quality fuel.

    Gratitude is deeds. Big and small, all that come from the bottom of the heart. We constantly support and strengthen the army, and on October 1 we are treating with a hot drink or our own ice U ice cream all the military servicemen who will visit our gas stations.

    In the morning, at 9:00 a.m., together with the whole country the UPG gas station chain will also stop in a mournful moment of silence to honor the deeds of the heroes who died while protecting our state and people.

    Glory to Ukraine!

    Glory to the heroes!