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    Dear defenders!


    Invincibility, bravery, courage, and honor. For us, Ukrainians, these are not just loud words. Behind them are the faces of specific people, your faces. Soldiers who became a living shield for their people, and for 286 days in a row in a fierce struggle keep proving: Ukraine was, is, and will always be!
    We call you warriors of light, because you stand on the other side of the darkness that invades our land. There is no greater motivation than to protect your home, stand on the guard of freedom and justice. This is the power the occupationists will never have.
    There is no stronger support than feeling the unity of one’s own people. We are by your side in volunteering, ready to give our last to double the military strength of the army. We are with you in ardent prayers of mothers, apples in the hands of grandmothers, and drawings of children who are waiting for you at home.
    We, Ukrainians, know what it feels like to become a living wall on the way of the enemy military columns and wait for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in occupied cities, holding the Ukrainian flag under our hearts.
    We continue to work, supporting each other and the economy. And that’s why we will win! We believe in the Armed Forces and know that together we are a country!
    We bow our heads to the memory of the soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom.

    Glory to Ukraine!

    Glory to Heroes!