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    Dear invincible Ukrainians!


    A year ago, our peaceful cities shuddered from Russian missiles, and words that seemed unimaginable were heard in every Ukrainian family – a full-scale war!
    At dawn on February 24, everyone knew it would be a desperate struggle for life, because the war of extermination had begun. The enemy has invaded our home and, with or without the world’s help, we will fight! They told us we have no chance. And if not for being Ukrainians, we would probably get scared. We believed then and we know for sure today: there is no power that could destroy a free people who stand for the truth!

    Thіs is how 365 days of fierce resistance in a war that has lasted for 9 years began. Our resilience has a million faces. These are the faces of soldiers who give the most precious things – their lives. Volunteers, for whom nothing is impossible. Doctors, energy workers, drivers…

    Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion, despite the fuel crisis, UPG has not stopped working. We were fully aware that someone’s life could directly depend on a car tank being full, and even in conditions of constant stress, we managed to find the necessary solutions. Our gas stations have become real invincibility points for many Ukrainians. There was no need to instruct anyone from our team what and when to do: everyone stayed at their workplaces, because we are united!

    That is why, on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion, without stopping the struggle, we say: in the past and present, and well into the future Ukraine will exist! And evil will fall. After all, we are the ones who lay down our body and soul for our freedom. Besides, the truth, the power and the holy will are for us!

    Glory to Ukraine!