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    Enjoy the summer with ice U, ice cream of our own production!


    Finally, it is summer, and the most delicious time for your favorite cool desserts at VIVO café. Enjoy unforgettable moments with ice U during long journeys and short lunch breaks, planned stops and spontaneous decisions – dive into the coolness.

    We make ice cream according to a unique recipe based on a selected milk mixture. We use modern professional equipment so make sure the taste of the dessert is balanced, its texture is creamy and tender, and each curl is perfect.

    The ice U product range is presented in three formats.

    The leader of your orders is Ice DRIFT classic vanilla ice cream in a crispy waffle cone. Also on sale is Ice DRIVE — an ice cream which can be complemented with a choice of your favorite toppings (caramel, chocolate, strawberry, mango and passion fruit), and by adding caramelized peanuts to this combination you get Ice TURBO.

    “Exactly one year ago, on the first day of summer, we launched our own ice cream brand, creating a unique offer on the market. So today is the first anniversary of ice U — a dessert that Ukrainians have come to love so much. On birthdays, it is typical to talk about some results. For us, the result means thousands of smiling faces every day at our gas stations, moments of joy and taste satisfaction that we were able to give to our customers. It’s nice that our experience is being adopted by others today, because when ideas inspire, it also speaks of the result,” says Kateryna Drobilko, marketing director of the chain.

    And it’s not only ice cream! On the menu, you will also find drinks that will give you the desired coolness when it’s hot, such as the Ice POWER milkshake with an exquisite creamy taste and an incredibly delicate texture. For coffee lovers, we offer glace coffee and affogato with added ice cream.