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    How to feel good while driving long distances – we are launching a project with useful tips for drivers


    Taking care of you, we are launching a social project aimed at preserving the health and well-being of Ukrainians who spend a lot of time driving.

    Unfortunately, the airspace over Ukraine is still closed, so the only possibility to see relatives, deliver humanitarian cargo or reach the front to strengthen the country’s defense is by road. Driving directions may vary, but there is one thing every driver knows well – fatigue at the wheel.

    We know how to make your trip more comfortable. Together with the star trainer Ksenia Litvinova, who has 26 years of experience in fitness, we present a series of short videos with substantial and professional advice on how to stay in good health and mood while driving hundreds of kilometers.

    “We often see fatigue. Drivers stop at gas stations to refuel their cars and refresh themselves. Customer care is what unites our team. We kept thinking what else we could do to help drivers get to their destinations more comfortably, and most importantly, safely. And we came up with an idea: while your car is being refueled, there are always a few spare minutes. You can either just wait or spend them with great health benefits. In our section “The Energy of Your Movement. Useful Tips for Drivers” we share how to rationally use this time,” says our marketing director Nadiia Hanulich-Manukian.

    Such tips will be useful not only for drivers and their passengers, but also for people who feel tired, for example, after spending hours of work on their feet. By the way, our team also does exercises from Ksenia Litvinova.

    “I agreed to participate in the project immediately, because UPG and I share common views, principles and desires. They offer perfect service, good quality food and there is movement, and this is my ideology! I believe that our advice will encourage people to take better care of themselves and will turn into a good daily habit,” says our fitness trainer.

    She also emphasizes that it is the physical activity that will help relieve stress, which is inevitable today: “Pay attention, for instance, to breathing exercises. They will help you cope with anxiety on your own and for free. Every minute of quality time matters. Morning exercises promote blood circulation, metabolism, add energy and improve mood, and it’s all about hormones. Even 18 minutes of walking three times a week help reduce stress hormone level by 15%.”

    We could not agree more with Ksenia that the key to physical health is discipline and supporting your body with activities that bring pleasure. Of course, it is important to eat healthy and keep a balanced diet. When it comes to maintaining mental health, one should believe in themselves and be able to stay positive despite anything. Healthy movement and self-care are what combines physical and mental health.

    We urge drivers not to ignore their body language, which often tells about fatigue, take regular breaks, and use tips that will help them feel good throughout the journey.

    We are sure that taking care of the physical and mental health of the nation is extremely important, because to withstand and win, we must remain strong.

    See you at UPG!