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    On Children’s Day, We Treat the Smallest Customers of the Gas Station with ice U Ice Cream


    We, adults, can do anything for their smile, these funny freckles – the kisses of the sun, the sparkle of their native eyes. We drive thousands of kilometers in search of safety, protect their peace, and choose the right to live under the peaceful sky in a free and independent country, because there is no more terrible combination of words than “children” and “war”. Childhood must be happy!

    On Children’s Day, we are launching our own ice cream brand called ice U! We chose June 1 for a reason. Children are the greatest fans of cold desserts. And we really wanted you to start summer with ice U at the UPG gas stations!

    Therefore, from June 1 to June 7, the gas station chain is running a campaign and treating all children whose parents purchase anything at a gas station with ice cream! Delightful smiles of little lovers of dainties are also our motivation and the biggest reward every day.

    Our greatest wish is to make every child feel attention, support, and protection, as well as unconditional love of their parents. Let the Ukrainian children be happy, live in peace, reveal their abilities and talents, always believe in the good which wins!

    See you at VIVO café!

    upg – with 💚 for every child