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    Our gas station chain is running a promotion called “The more you drive, the more you drive” with mega discounts on fuel!


    Filling the tank with Euro-5 fuel at our gas stations is even more profitable now. And the more liters of fuel you buy with the UPGgood bonus card, the bigger discount you get in bonuses for the next refueling.

    On August 1, our gas station chain introduced the promotion called “The more you drive, the more you drive“, which presupposes the progression of accrual of bonuses. We have made several levels, the transition to each of which implies a greater discount in bonuses. Promotional bonuses will be credited after purchasing more than 50 liters of any fuel.

    The minimum discount you get in bonuses is 50 kopecks per 1 liter of gasoline or diesel, and 25 kopecks per 1 liter of LPG. The more liters you buy, the more bonuses you get! Therefore, the fifth level provides the maximum benefit, namely 2,5 hryvnias per 1 liter of gasoline and diesel, as well as 75 kopecks for LPG. To reach this level, one needs to refuel the car with more than 1,500 liters.

    Being at a certain level, you constantly accumulate the bonuses it provides, until you reach the next one with an even greater discount.

    What are promotional bonuses? These are additional opportunities! You can use them while paying for fuel and saving on every liter at the same time. Or while enjoying your favorite dishes at VIVO café, or our novelty – ice U ice cream of our own production. Bonuses can also be used for the purchase of important things for your trip in our stores.

    Please note that the promotion will last for three months. However, you will be able to use promotional bonuses until the end of November, that is, one month after it ends.

    By choosing UPG, you refuel with high-quality fuel and save money, which doubles the pleasure.

    See you at the gas station!