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    Our noble warriors of light, defenders of Ukraine!


    The dawn we met again, every wheat head that ripened, a Ukrainian word we heard again – we owe it all to you!

    From the beginning of the full-scale military invasion of the aggressor on the Ukrainian land, every day is the Day of the Defender of Ukraine for us. 233 days of resistance that shocks and inspires the world at the same time. The sense of our struggle can be summed up in a few words: we are free people of a free land. We will not give away what belongs to us!

    Soldiers and volunteers, doctors and teachers, diplomats and ordinary Ukrainians got united to resist the evil – with or without the world support. We became those who have already changed the course of history and are now proving: the true nation cannot be defeated! God helps us!

    Realizing that the UPG gas stations are objects of critical infrastructure, and that functioning of many spheres of the economy depends on their efficient operation, we keep the line with faith in victory and with love for each client.

    Today, keeping our hand on our heart in which Ukraine lives and hurts, we thank each and every defender for their courage and resilience, for their amazing unity!

    We thank those who in fighting holes and trench shelters, on water and in the sky, gnaw out every meter of our native land from the enemy. You are the pride of the Ukrainian nation. You are all heroes to us! May Holy Protection be with you and may your relatives and loved ones wait till their defenders return safe and sound!

    Let the most precious words be heard: Peace. Victory. I’m home!

    Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Nation! Glory to the Heroes!