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    Seasonal EURO DIESEL which can withstand up to -17°C is now on sale at gas stations of the chain!


    Well, the mornings are already cool enough, so, traditionally in October, we launch the sales of winter types of fuel. From now on, you can refuel with seasonal EURO DIESEL resistant to low temperatures at gas stations of the chain. The fuel complies with the Euro-5 standard and ensures uninterrupted operation of the car engine when the air temperature drops to -17°C.

    A bit later, we will offer you winter and arctic diesel, which are best for the coldest periods of the winter season.

    Seasonal EURO DIESEL was imported from the Middle East, and we are proud of its quality characteristics. In particular, the cetane number in the product is higher than 56 units (depending on the batch). The fuel also contains low amount of sulfur, namely 3.6 units.

    “The first cool mornings are truly invigorating, so ensure our customers don’t have trouble with their cars, we are launching the sale of seasonal EURO DIESEL. We aim to make sure that every Ukrainian driver feels ready for winter and always starts a trip with confidence.
    The fuel that is already available on sale meets high technical specifications. Its advantages are obvious. By refueling with high-quality seasonal diesel, you take care of your car, because you protect its fuel system. You ensure stable and safe operation of the engine in winter and protect the environment. We continue to work and increase supplies,” », commented Marketing Director Nadiya Hanulich-Manukian.

    Less consumption, hence saving money, is yet another advantage you will experience when using high-quality fuel. At the same time, by filling the tank, you also take care of the environment, because the fifth environmental standard provides stricter requirements for the degree of purification from particles polluting the environment.

    By means of our own logistics resource, we continuously deliver all types of fuel to all gas stations of our chain. We are confident that it will be the case even during the winter, which they predict to be extremely difficult for the whole country.

    Independence from external and internal aspects is ensured by our own terminal for storage and transshipment of petroleum products in Poland, as well as a fuel truck fleet, which is currently the largest in the country. Besides, it has a positive impact on the price formation. We are proud to be able to keep our pricing policy stable, offering you fuel at one of the most affordable prices on the market.

    We are convinced that the main thing in preparing for winter is to do everything on time. So, we would like to remind you that now is the best time to replace a set of summer tires with winter ones, make sure that the car is in full working order, not to forget to fill in a high-quality seasonal frost-resistant windscreen washer, which can be purchased in the stores with associated products at our gas stations. And, of course, in order to avoid trouble with the car, always use fuel that corresponds to the air temperature.