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    Super Powerful upg100 is the Fuel for Those Who Value Quality and Choose Speed


    When spring comes, the winter speed limits are removed, and the roads become more comfortable for driving, the relevance of using high-octane upg100gasoline increases, because our flagship fuel is designed for the unrestrained movement of modern cars. It ensures the engine start and provides the car with quick acceleration.

    The upg100 is unique not only thanks to it improved qualities. This is the gasoline with a clear difference expressed in a high-octane number. In addition to high octane, it contains less low-grade organic substances and has improved cleaning properties.
    This premium gasoline will satisfy the needs of both sports cars and ordinary passenger cars. Let’s take a closer look at who the super powerful upg100 will be the best solution for.

    Firstly, for cars for which the gasoline with an octane number of minimum 98 units is prescribed by the manufacturer. These are not only sports cars with forced engines, but also family cars with powerful engines. In fact, there are plenty of vehicles on our roads, whose power units have (or could have) increased efficiency due to the increased degree of compression in the cylinders and the special formation of the fuel mixture. Refueling with high-octane fuel allows the owners of such cars to realize all the capabilities of their engines. This is the sense of our product slogan: “upg100 is the heartbeat of your car.”

    Upg100 is also a good idea for drivers expecting to get a little more from their engine than they get with a regular A-95 gasoline. High-octane fuel eliminates the possibility of detonation in case the loading is suddenly increased, so the control electronics of the engine does not limit its output, as it happens at the first signs of “knocking” under hood.
    High-octane upg100, like all other fuel sold in the chain, complies with the requirements of the fifth environmental standard and is supplied from Europe.

    The logistics chain of UPG involves the maximum of its resources, i.e. the largest fleet of fuel and LPG trucks in Ukraine, RTCs, as well as its own sea terminal in Poland. This is how the company ensures the uninterrupted fuel supply to Ukraine and maintains the most reasonable price policy for the end consumer.
    We were the first to start selling premium fuel during the war, and under our own brand. Today, upg100 can be purchased at any of our gas stations in Ukraine.

    Each batch of fuel has a quality certificate issued by the manufacturer indicating the European country from which the fuel was delivered. So, should you wish, you can always find the fuel passport, confirming that the product has passed quality control and meets the standards of DSTU.

    See you at UPG!