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    The Energy of Kindness in Action — 17,000 Medical Services for the People in Hot Spots of the Country


    Four months ago, we joined our efforts with FRIDA Ukraine to ensure the availability of quality specialized medical care for civilians who suffer from the consequences of war most. During this time, residents of the communities of Donetsk, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions have already received more than 17,000 services from volunteer doctors. We also support missions to the West of the country, where the children from orphanages evacuated from frontline areas need help.

    Together with FRIDA Ukraine, we drove a 24-thousand kilometers long route, having fully provided fuel for the medical fleet. That’s thousands of liters every month to support the road of life.

    Doctors find our support in other things as well. We help to arrange mobile brigades, treat them to tasty snacks and coffee at our gas stations… We do as much as we can to strengthen those who, risking their own lives, save others.

    “We help people in white medical robes to be where they are expected most. It is important that regardless of the circumstances, missions to hot spots are regular. This allows to not only examine patients and prescribe medication, but also to control the recovery. Every story about help that came on time makes us and doctors happy,” says marketing director Nadia Hanulich-Manukian.

    Our support for FRIDA Ukraine is also possible thanks to our caring customers. By purchasing hot drinks at gas stations across the country, you lend a helping hand to people suffering from hostilities as part of the funds is allocated to the “Energy of Kindness” charity initiative.

    The orphanages visited by our volunteer friends are now under our wardship as well. We refuel the cars of doctors who go to see children in Zakarpattia, Lviv, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. These visits take place regularly, so the dynamics of children’s recovery is under constant control. Doctors consult and support the staff of these institutions who have a double workload today.

    On the eve of the holidays, we managed to surround the children of 7 children’s homes with care and warmth. We gave out hundreds of gifts. However, we brought joy to children not only with gifts, but also with all our might did we try to give them a real holiday. For the wards of the Zhytomyr Regional Specialized Children’s Home, we arranged a puppet theater, where young volunteers from the FRIDA Academy were the actors.

    We are sure that charitable missions are not only about medical care, but also about stability that allows people to feel more confident about their future. With faith in the triumph of good do we continue to support FRIDA Ukraine and every Ukrainian.