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    The First Batch of the American Automobile Gas is Already on Sale at Our Gas Stations!


    At the beginning of this year, we arranged deliveries of diesel fuel from the USA. Developing this direction, we went further. So, from today on, at our gas stations you can fill up your car with the American LPG.

    The first batch of this high-quality product is already available.

    We are sure that Ukrainian drivers will enjoy the advantages of the high-quality LPG, because according to the laboratory protocol, this product has a high octane number reaching 93-95 units, while the minimum required norm for Ukraine is 89 units. For drivers, this means lower fuel consumption and greater capabilities for the car.

    The percentage of propane and butane in the mixture is optimal for today’s weather conditions, i.e., 50 to 50%. In addition, the product does not contain any harmful additives, and the content of sulfur in it is only 6 mg, whereas the permissible rate is 50 mg. So, by refueling with high-quality gas, not only you save money and protect the fuel system of your car, but also take care of the environment.

    We also made another delivery of diesel from the USA.

    High-quality fuel is produced on the border of Texas and Louisiana, where the Valero Port Arthur plant, one of the largest oil refiners in North America, is located.

    Let us tell you a little bit more about the path the fuel takes to get into your fuel tank.

    Diesel arrives in Europe through the ports of Amsterdam and is then transported to the marine terminal for transshipment and storage of petroleum products, which we purchased in Poland last year. Afterwards, by means of our own logistics capacities, we deliver the product to each gas station of our chain.

    Thanks to our own logistics, we can optimize the costs, which allows us to offer you one of the lowest prices on the market.

    Thank you for choosing UPG!