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    We opened the first UPG gas station in Cherkasy


    The UPG gas station chain has opened the first gas station in Cherkasy at 13/7, 30-Richchya Peremohy Street.

    This is the first petrol station made in a new design. Black colour with neon elements dominate in the new design, but the traditional shade of UPG green is kept.

    The interior is made in the loft style – open communications on the ceilings, walls decorated with concrete plaster, LED-screens and wood elements. The retail space is planned based on the principle of duty free: light navigation, convenient zoning with a separate self-service corner and cafe, as well as a market with goods for travelling.

    The new petrol station can be seen from afar thanks to the black carport and fuel dispensers with neon lights. It is quite spacious: the total area of the complex is 4200 m2 with parking for 23 cars and a terrace for relaxation.

    There is a lot of greenery on the territory of the UPG complex. Flower beds are decorated with patterns of decorative stones and a combination of thujas and trees.

    In addition to the area with ready meals, there is VIVO cafe, where a professional team of chefs cooks fresh dishes, using only natural ingredients. The menu includes original burgers, pasta, salads, soups and other dishes. Apart from tables, there are bar counters equipped with sockets of any type where one can charge a phone or work with a laptop.

    In honor of the opening of the new gas station, UPG gives a special offer from 16 to 30 January for all participants of the UPGgood bonus program. Details here.

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    See you at the new UPG gas station!