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    The UPG family has grown bigger: more than 1,000 new employees joined us during the year


    Having set foot on our land, the enemy never realized the strength of mind and the courage of the Ukrainians. Showing our temper, we continue to grow, providing our people with jobs with social guarantees and opportunities for growth. We are sure that it is yet another chance today to face the future with confidence.

    +1,000 new jobs have been created by the UPG group of companies during this difficult year. Constant investment into construction made it possible. We never stop developing and opening new infrastructure facilities, we are increasing our logistics resources by expanding our fleet of fuel trucks and LPG carriers.

    We take care of our team by increasing financial motivation. On average, the salaries of employees increased by 10-15% this year.
    Great attention is paid to the training and development of personnel, both the staff who have been part of the team for a long time, and those who are just starting their career in the company. For this, we created an internal Academy, whose main goals are to ensure the fast adaptation of new hires, development of company culture, receiving feedback, etc.

    We consistently analyze and maintain awareness of the drastic changes in the labor market. Millions of people have left the country in search of safety, which creates a certain vacuum today. However, returning home Ukrainians are looking for work and are often willing to change their qualifications. So, we are ready to help them master new professions practically from scratch. Currently, appropriate programs allowing people to adapt to the company’s internal processes, get trained, and develop are being elaborated.

    It is important for us that specialists who have just become part of the team immediately feel that UPG is the place where they can build their career. Not only we provide the necessary base, but also help become an expert in the market.

    We are also developing a reintegration program for of employees returning from the combat zone. We are sure that we must be suited to the needs of the time comprehensively, so we are currently preparing a large-scale course with the involvement of external speakers with appropriate qualifications and studying the experience of other countries. People who defend our country should clearly realize that they can count on a lot of opportunities in a peaceful life, comfortable working conditions, training, and development. They should feel understood, and most importantly, properly supported by their colleagues. Teams in the rear will also undergo a special course.

    We look to the future with faith. The student and academic community is another area of our attention. We cooperate with higher educational institutions within the framework of a dual form of education.

    People are the energy of UPG! Therefore, caring for each team member has always been and will remain one of our main values. Together we can do everything!