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    The UPG Gas Station Chain Supplies Fuel From the Leading Oil Refineries of the World, Providing Ukrainians With Oil Products of the European Quality Only


    Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian troops into Ukraine, the UPG group of companies has completely refused from Belarusian fuel and established the supply of oil products manufactured by the EU and other oil refineries of the civilized world. In particular, diesel fuel came from five European countries, as well as from the USA, India and Taiwan.

    For gasoline, the company chose the oil refinery in Rotterdam as its main supplier. “At the beginning of the diversification of supplies, it took over a month for the fuel to get to Ukraine. We used ports in Eastern Europe, where vessels delivered fuel from eleven producing ports and port hubs of petroleum products,” says Volodymyr Petrenko, the founder of the UPG group of companies. According to him, the total pool of fuel sellers, including liquefied petroleum gas, for his company is more than 30 (among them Euronova, Unimot, Maersk Aegean, Motor Oil, InsaOil, Bulmarket, Bialchem, Glencore, Gaspeco, and a pool of Ukrainian LPG suppliers). Among the manufacturers are well-known oil and gas giants, such as: Total, Shell, SOCAR, Neste, Rompetrol and others.

    Fuel for the UPG gas station chain has passed through the ports of Constanta (Romania), Helsinki (Finland), Antwerp (Belgium), Gothenburg (Sweden), Garyville (USA), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and others.

    “The purchased oil terminal in Poland for transshipment of petroleum products allowed us to optimize the logistics costs of supplying fuel to Ukraine and ensure the uninterrupted fuel supplies. However, we are not stopping: we are developing our own logistics, building the infrastructure of the terminal to increase its potential”, Petrenko said.

    It should be mentioned that the UPG group of companies concluded an agreement on the acquisition of the assets of the Polish company Baltchem SA Zakłady Chemiczne, in particular marine terminals in Poland.