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    The UPG Group of Companies Has Purchased a Terminal for the Storage and Transshipment of Petroleum Products in Poland


    The UPG Group of Companies has signed an agreement for the acquisition of assets of the Polish company Baltchem SA Zakłady Chemicznе. Therefore, now the UPG gas station chain has a powerful marine terminal in the Republic of Poland for the transshipment and storage of petroleum products, which will allow uninterrupted supply of fuel to Ukraine at affordable prices.

    Adapting the business to today’s challenges, we quickly established reliable and stable partnerships with such European producers of high-quality oil products as: Royal Dutch Shell, Total Energies SE, Neste Oyj, Glencore Energy. Therefore, all types of fuel sold by UPG are supplied from Europe and comply with the EURO-5 environmental standard.

    UPG makes sure that even during the war Ukrainian drivers do not experience fuel shortages. Realizing that our gas stations are critical infrastructure objects, and that the functioning of many areas of the country, and often even human lives depend on their effective operation, we continue to work hard, doing our best. In the time when the country is fighting for its independence, the unity of Ukrainians is decisive. Only by supporting the economy and each other do we bring victory closer.

    For reference:
    As reported previously, from the first days of the full-scale war, UPG immediately terminated partnership with the Belarusian fuel producer, having completely refused from their products.
    Ever since the beginning of the aggression of the russian federation in 2014 and the occupation of the Republic of Crimea and certain territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the company has neither purchased nor sold any single ton of russian oil products. It is our principal position not to cooperate with the aggressor country.
    Learn more about the official statement of the UPG Gas Station chain.