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    The Volkswagen T-Roc Crossover and 20 Starlink Modems Have Already Found Their Owners Among the Customers of the UPG Gas Station Chain!


    Everything you dream of is real! The customers of the gas station chain, who took part in the national promotion dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the company, made sure of that again. Congratulations to the winners!

    According to the terms of the promotion, in the period from March 27 to June 25, all members of the UPGgood bonus program had the opportunity to win more than 10,000 instant gifts, 20 Starlink satellite modems, as well as a super prize – a brand new car from UPG. To do this, one had to refuel with minimum 25 liters of any fuel at any gas station of the chain and collect the words “СЛАВА ЗСУ” or “АВТО” from the letters in the receipts.

    The following customers managed to collect the strongest words of the country “СЛАВА ЗСУ” and win Starlink: Yuriy Hekal, Andriy Danylyuk, Oleksandr Bunchikov, Oleksandr Salivonenko, Oleksandr Lytvynko, Mykhailo Sydorchuk, Vladyslav Osetrov, Vasyl Galan, Igor Bichak, Olena Chernenko, Dmytro Tereshchenko, Artem Golenko, Ivan Skuibeda, Ruslan Ardukhanyan, Vladyslav Geletchuk, Serhiy Bratkov, Serhiy Romaniuk, Anatoliy Pershuta, Oleksandr Gryzak, Valeriy Martynchuk.

    The winner of the national promotion is Roman Yaroshyk, a regular customer of UPG from the city of Kovel, who will now be driving the new Volkswagen T-Roc crossover. Fortune smiled at him, and he managed to collect all the necessary letters to turn his dream into reality.

    “During the promotion, Roman visited the gas station chain more than 20 times and refueled his car with over 1,000 liters of high-quality fuel. We are grateful to him, as well as to each of our clients, for their trust. We are sure that the emotions that Ukrainians received during this promotion will be remembered for a long time. It’s great that this is us who managed to give these joyful moments to people. See you at UPG,”said Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan, the company’s marketing director.

    Thank you for being with us for these 20 years! We wish every Ukrainian to feel the joy of small victories, as well as the most important one that we are approaching together today. We believe in the Armed Forces!