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    This day is special to us, because today UPG is turning 21


    Dear customers!

    Today is a special day for us, because exactly 21 years ago, the heart of UPG started beating. People have always been the energy of our movement. Those who write the history of the company, and of course you, our customers.

    It is you who motivate us to grow and develop every day, accept the challenges of time to keep saying: “Welcome to UPG!”.

    In fact, there is so much of our love, sincere gratitude, faith in the country and its future encoded in this phrase. But our love is not only in words. It is in the decisions that change the vector of the company, and in the small details that make UPG so easily recognizable.

    In every drop of high-quality fuel, which we supply ourselves from Europe and the USA, because we value your trust above all and are proud of being able to offer you the best. In every newly built gas station, even despite the war, even in Odesa and Mykolayiv, because this is what faith means to us.

    In dishes thought out to the smallest detail, and tasty coffee, which it is impossible to imagine a trip without, and for which there is always time during the trip.

    In the “Energy of Kindness” which we all together give to civilian Ukrainians, who need our support so badly today…
    Today, but, in fact, every day and every minute, we thank those who are fighting for Ukraine and our future – boys and girls, without whom nothing would be possible.

    Our dear customers!
    To celebrate the company’s birthday, on March 27, 28 and 29, UPG has prepared a surprise for you. At every gas station of the chain, you will be treated with a signature upg candy for each purchased hot drink.

    Thank you for being with us!