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    Today we need to get united in a joint fight against the aggressor, states UPG gas station chain


    From the first days of the war, UPG, as well as the entire business community of the state, has been doing everything possible to bring Ukraine closer to Victory over the aggressor.

    The company is helping defenders by providing fuel and food.

    Over the past few days, UPG has donated 24,000 liters of fuel to meet the needs of public services and local communities, including: for the transportation of humanitarian aid in the Lviv region, delivery of food and medicine in Kherson.

    The chain also provided fuel to State Emergency Service vehicles, ambulances and territorial defense vehicles of the Myronivka community, as well as patrol cars of the National Police of Ukraine in Zhytomyr Oblast. In addition, food worth UAH 150,000 was handed over to the military.

    “Every Ukrainian is a warrior on their front. We are grateful to our soldiers, defenders of territorial defense units, courageous and desperate Ukrainian people, doctors, volunteers and all those who continue to fight. Only by joining our forces shall we get the enemy out of our land,” the company states.
    UPG gas stations are doing their best to ensure the smooth operation of gas stations where possible.

    Refueling of military and medical vehicles and critical infrastructure services remains our priority.