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    UPG – 20 years of Unity, Care and Love!


    The national chain of gas stations UPG celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Throughout the way, we have always been together: in every liter of high-quality fuel that adds unstoppable energy to your car; in carefully prepared, tasty and hearty VIVO café dishes; in a cup of your favorite coffee, to which you count kilometers…

    The history of the company began with the wholesale of petroleum products. Later, UPG created its own gas station chain. Every day, we built our business based on the priorities of quality and respect for the client.
    We lived through this terrible year together. Having looked into the eyes of this unfair war, we did not look away, but began to fight for own, like every Ukrainian.

    At the most difficult moments do we realize our strength. Although the war has wounded and changed our reality, it also strengthened it. The ruined business had to be rebuilt virtually from scratch, so the legend of the mythical phoenix bird that can rise from the ashes is an absolutely real story for UPG. How could we stop, realizing that someone’s life may directly depend on the operation of gas stations?

    Overcoming the fuel crisis, the company found new suppliers of fuel on the European market. In the shortest possible time, we supplied ourselves and the country with high-quality oil products. All the fuel sold by the chain today comes from the world’s leading refineries and complies with the requirements of the fifth environmental standard.
    Our own fleet of fuel trucks, railway tank cisterns, as well as a fuel transshipment terminal in Poland allow UPG to ensure uninterrupted fuel supply to Ukraine and offer drivers the best price on the market.

    People are the greatest value
    Despite the turbulence, we managed to preserve more than 4,000 jobs, each of which has a story of a separate Ukrainian family about confidence and indomitability. We continue our way, because we have always been and remain not just a team, but a UPG family, where everyone is important, and together we are invincible.

    We are firmly protecting the economic front
    During the most difficult year in the history of Independent Ukraine, the company paid UAH 3.5 billion to the state budget. This is our contribution to support the economy, which must be strong for the country to fight and justice to prevail.

    With faith in victory, Ukraine, and Ukrainians
    Since the first days of the large-scale invasion, we have been donating funds to strengthen the defense and rebuild the country. Assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and local communities that have suffered from hostilities or occupation is always a priority.
    Crucial battles for Ukraine and an equally difficult period of reconstruction are waiting for us. That is why today instead of the word “holiday” we say “daily hard work” and continue to work, bringing victory closer.

    We are convinced that we survived, because the values of UPG remain unchanged: faith in our people, brand reputation and love for the client, as well as the principal position of the company – quality in everything!
    Thank you for being with us!