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    UPG Became a Member of the Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine


    We all live in times of great change and realize that only by joining efforts can we become stronger.
    In March, UPG joined the Oil and Gas Association of Ukraine, which represents the interests of the largest market players. Today, we stand in line with powerful wholesale, retail, mining, and processing enterprises representing national, international, private, and state business.

    The Association is actively involved in the development of the legislative framework of the country, monitoring and solving problematic issues of the industry to introduce and comply with European standards of the quality of service on the market. This is the very path UPG has chosen. Despite the war, we continue to provide Ukrainians with high-quality fuel of the Euro-5 standard only, which does not contain any additives and mixtures. Thanks to the company’s logistical advantages, such as own fleet of fuel trucks, railway tank cisterns and a terminal in Poland, we offer customers the best price on the market.

    It is the unity of Ukrainians that helped save the country and support the economy in the most difficult days of the large-scale invasion. There is a significant struggle ahead and a lot of work to rebuild Ukraine after our victory. We are convinced that thanks to an open and constructive dialogue between the government, business, and society, we will achieve our goals, because our only aim is a successful country, a strong economy and a high standard of living for Ukrainians.