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    UPG Became a Partner of the Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen Organized by Olena Zelenska


    We have been honored to become partners of the Third Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen, which took place in Kyiv with the participation of the top figures of the state, representatives from dozens of countries of the world, Ukrainian and international cultural elite, as well as a special guest – US Secretary of the State Anthony Blinken.

    This year the event was dedicated to the issue of mental health. We share the opinion of the first lady of the country that the personal stability of each person constitutes the stability of society. Therefore, the most important strategic task for the country is to create conditions for everyone’s personal stability. Discussion of these issues at the highest level is important for Ukraine, especially in the conditions of war.

    It is significant that the establishment of a network of medical partnership between countries is one of the main outcomes of the Summit. This will unite the efforts of the best foreign specialists to save thousands of lives both in our country and abroad.

    “I do hope that all the planned programs for the mental health of Ukrainians will be implemented, a stable foundation will be laid for post-war recovery, and this will preserve the lives and the future of entire generations of our people. We are proud that the Summit was held with the support of UPG,” commented marketing director Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan.

    We are strong when we are together. For over a year and a half, these have been not just empty words for every Ukrainian. Their importance was deeply realized back in the first days of the large-scale invasion, and we still feel it now, because the struggle continues. Unfortunately, the war destroys and burns not only our homes and cities, but also leaves holes in people’s souls. Talking about it and acting urgently, taking care of the mental health of the nation means keeping the country strong. We are sure that by combining the experience and efforts of the government, business, society, and international partners we will become even more effective on the way to our victory and restoration of Ukraine after the war.

    Photo: Olena Zelenska’s social networks