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    UPG Has Handed Over Another Batch of New Pickups and a Trailer for the Transportation of Equipment to the Military


    We continue to strengthen the defense of the country! 5 more powerful Mitsubishi L200 pickups with a total value of over UAH 5,000,000 and a trailer for transporting heavy equipment was handed over to the defenders. The new batch of cars will perform combat tasks on the front line, helping our military to kick away the enemy from the Ukrainian land.

    Since the beginning of the full-scale war, we have already strengthened the Armed Forces with 86 new off-road vehicles. And we never stop! Every day we satisfy other, no less important needs of our defenders, from drones and copters to clothing and food. We provide the military with fuel, which we supply from Europe.

    “Our defenders must be on wheels, and new modern cars will not let them down. We have been helping and continue to help the army. This is our committed position and duty as Ukrainians who were born, live and work here. I am convinced that business and each of us should do our best today to protect the country. We continue to hold the fuel frontline, strengthen the economy, and help the army,” said Volodymyr Petrenko, the founder and owner of the UPG group of companies.

    According to the military, who received yet another batch of Mitsubishi L200, such cars are irreplaceable on the front line. Modern pickups help the guys perform extremely difficult tasks, deliver the necessary cargo on time, and evacuate the wounded. In addition, these cars are new, so they won’t let our heroes down at a critical moment. They will also save precious time, which often must be spent on repairs, as in the case of used cars. For the defenders, this is a guarantee that the cargo will arrive on time, the combat mission will be completed successfully, and our heroes will return home alive.

    Since the first days of the large-scale invasion, we have been helping the army and Ukrainian civilians who suffered from the devastating consequences of the war. The company allocated more than UAH 150,000,000 for these needs. Together with Ukraine and Ukrainians, we remain united in this struggle for freedom and independence.

    We are honored to have been awarded a letter of appreciation from the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi! This is the merit of the entire UPG team and each of our clients.

    Our faith in victory is as strong as our Ukraine is! We never get tired of repeating that together we are a force that no one can overcome.

    We are working to bring our victory closer!