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    UPG helped to carry out 6 more medical visits of FRIDA Ukraine to 4 regions of the country


    Over 20,000 km on the fuel from UPG. This is the route volunteer doctors from FRIDA Ukraine overcame in June, rushing to help civilians. Once again, they went to places where the people were waiting for them despite anything, where they promised to return and kept their word – to the front-line regions of Donetsk and Sumy. Doctors also examined patients in the Kyiv and Chernivtsi regions. Little Ukrainians, evacuated from the East of the country, were not left behind either as highly specialized doctors visited an orphanage there.

    It is safe to say that this month was productive, as in a relatively short period of time, doctors managed to provide more than 6,000 medical services. Medical teams performed minimally invasive field operations, ultrasound diagnostics, echocardiography, removed earwax and neoplasms on the skin, measured blood pressure, consulted and supported residents. On top of other specialized transport, Women’s Care van also went to the location to examine women.

    The doctors themselves describe the importance of these missions best: “One woman in Sumy region told our neurologist Alyona Mazurenko that with us she feels hope for the future. These words are worth a lot.”

    And we are proud of being able to support those who find the courage and vitality to go on a long and difficult road to people and for people.

    “We are grateful to our customers who join the charity initiative by purchasing hot drinks at UPG. For many months now, we have been converting a part of the funds from the drinks sold into the fuel for the medical fleet, and we are also covering other expenses of the mobile teams. Stability matters in this case, so it should be felt by our partners and people for whom quality medical care becomes more accessible. And we are doing our best to keep it that way,” says Kateryna Drobilko, the company’s marketing director.
    By helping, you share the energy of kindness with those who need it. By doing this, every time you light a small fire, which merges with others and eventually dispels the darkness.

    We keep moving on!