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    UPG is the First Among Ukrainian Companies to Arrange Fuel Supplies From the USA


    From now on, in the UPG gas station chain, you can refuel your car with diesel fuel made in America. The first batch of the high-quality product from the Marathon Petroleum Company is now on sale.
    It is the first time fuel from the USA has been imported to the Ukrainian market, so UPG has become a path-breaker in the development of this direction.



    “A vessel with a deadweight of 100,000 tons arrives at the port of Hamburg, from where with smaller tankers of 30,000 tons it is transported to the oil products transshipment and storage terminal in Poland, which we purchased at the end of last year. From there, the fuel is delivered to the gas stations of the chain,” said Volodymyr Petrenko, founder and owner of the UPG group of companies, talking about the way of American diesel fuel to Ukraine.

    From the first days of the large-scale war, the company has completely refused from Belarusian fuel, and from Russian petroleum products as early as 2014. Instead, in the shortest possible terms, UPG managed to ensure uninterrupted supplies of high-quality products of European origin. Today, thanks to logistical advantages and favorable pricing, the company has started importing American diesel fuel to Ukraine and is working on increasing supplies in the future.