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    We are Refueling You with High-Quality Diesel from the USA – a New Batch is Already on Sale!


    A year ago, we made a real breakthrough being the first company in the history of Ukraine to deliver fuel from the USA to the market. We gained excellent experience and discovered many new opportunities for ourselves, as the new direction turned out to be very promising. American-made fuel possesses improved quality characteristics, so we continue to increase the volume of its supplies. The next batch, which arrived from the oil refinery, one of the largest oil companies in North America, is already available to Ukrainian drivers at every gas station of the chain.

    The main advantages of the product are as follows:

    • low content of sulfur, namely 1 mg/m3 with a permissible norm of up to 10 mg/m3;
    • high cetane number, namely 51. This has a positive impact on the engine operation as it speeds up the engine starting, reveals the power potential and minimizes the wear of parts;
    • resistance to low temperatures as the fuel can withstand up to -25°C.

    Like all other types of fuel sold in the chain, American diesel complies with the EURO-5 environmental standard. Refueling with high-quality fuel allows you not only to save money, because its consumption is less, but also take care of the environment.

    Each parameter of the oil product, which is responsible for the quality, is additionally confirmed by our own testing laboratory, accredited in accordance with the international standard ISO170-25. Thus, we test samples from each batch of fuel that we receive from the plant, and only after that do we release it for sale.

    “We uninterruptedly import diesel fuel from the USA. The next batch is already on its way to Ukraine. We have this opportunity thanks to our own logistics, namely one of the country’s largest fleets of fuel trucks and railway tanks, as well as terminals for storage and transshipment of petroleum products in Europe. This factor also has a positive effect on the price formation for the end consumers. We value the trust of our customers, which we have been gaining for many years, so we work hard to make sure we offer only the best,” says marketing director Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan.

    Thank you for being with us!