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    We congratulate our customers on Driver’s and Road Worker’s Day!


    This Day unites everyone whose life is inseparably connected with the road. Everyone who is driving today.

    Professional drivers and car fans who demonstrate endurance and courage at this crucial time for our country. You rush to places where you are needed most, evacuate relatives and Ukrainians in trouble, deliver priceless cargo, overcome unreal distances so that help arrives on time and the country’s economy continues its operation.

    Everyone who is engaged in car maintenance and repair. Today, your work is extremely important. Thanks to you, drivers travel with confidence and get the best soothing sound – the sound of a working engine.

    It is also a holiday of road construction workers. They are the people who in one night can repair the road destroyed by enemy missiles, proving to the whole world that our country cannot be defeated, and free people can never be broken.

    Dear customers, may your beloved vehicle never let you down, may all roads be happy and safe, and surely lead to those who love and wait for you.

    Despite working in conditions of constant turbulence, UPG will continue to make sure that the fuel tanks of your cars are always filled with the best European quality fuel, lunch tastes like home-made, and fragrant coffee warms your hearts.