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    We Have Started Cooperation with the Charity Mission of Medical Volunteers FRIDA Ukraine


    By joining efforts, step by step we are moving towards a great victory. We start cooperation with the Ukrainian-and-Israeli medical volunteers mission FRIDA Ukraine, who save the lives of civilians on the frontline and liberated territories. From now on, even more Ukrainians who experienced all the horrors of the war will be able to receive high-quality, and most importantly, timely medical care.

    Dear customers, you also make your contribution to this good cause. In frames of the charity initiative “The Energy of Kindness”, a part of the funds from each sold hot drink is allocated to such purposes.

    This time, we undertook a 100% fuel supply for the missions, which is more than 5,000 liters per month. We refuel a fleet of volunteer vehicles, which includes ambulances, minibuses, a Women’s Care car and other vehicles. FRIDA also has our support with arranging mobile medical teams, and we also cover other additional needs of volunteers.

    “During the war, in the tragedy whose scale is simply unimaginable, it is important to let everyone feel supported, especially people who find themselves in extremely difficult conditions. The mission allows the population that was left without an access to medical care receive it. Every visit of the team is without exaggeration a story of saving human lives. We are grateful to the doctors for their courage. We are also thankful to our customers who, by buying coffee, share their energy of kindness with those who need support. This is our joint contribution to this struggle, which will definitely end in victory,” comments marketing director Nadiya Hanulich-Manukyan.

    FRIDA Ukraine has united more than 500 talented doctors who, having put on body armor over their white coats, treat Ukrainians. Thanks to them, children, disabled and elderly people who suffered from military operations and occupation receive urgent and planned medical aid. In addition, the fund’s operation is focused on two more important areas: evacuation of the population and training for volunteer doctors and medical students.

    Every month, volunteers make up to 6 trips to the communities of Sumy, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Mykolaiv and other regions. Their aim is to provide quality medical services to as many Ukrainians as possible who suffered from the consequences of the war. Therefore, the examination is carried out by more than 25 doctors of various profiles. Ultrasonic examination, ECG, ophthalmic equipment and even a mobile dental office are involved in each mission. Immediately upon the doctor’s prescription, patients receive the necessary medicines for free.

    “We are the only team of volunteer doctors who cross the fifteen-kilometer border and, despite the explosions and shots, reach the hell spots. If you look into the eyes of people living in the de-occupied areas or in the war zone, you will understand us,” said FRIDA Ukraine project manager Vladyslava Romaniuk.

    Since the beginning of the large-scale war, more than 15,000 patients have received help during the missions, of which almost 1,700 are children. Doctors performed more than 120 field operations. People received more than 22 tons of necessary medicines free of charge.

    We will go on supporting volunteers who, by risking their own lives, save others as long as there is a need for it, because we understand that with every kilometer of de-occupied Ukrainian land, the geography of the mission’s presence will be expanded. And only by joining efforts and multiplying the energy of kindness can we do more. We are approaching our victory together!