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    Welcome the largest UPG at Pravdy Avenue in Kyiv


    UPG has opened its largest filling station at 47 Pravdy Avenue, next to the Retroville shopping center.

    All types of fuel are available for sale: А-92, А-95 and branded upg 100 petrol, diesel, Arctic diesel and LPG. The fuel is dispensed through 6 double-sided fuel dispensers.

    Modern design

    The main distinctive feature of the new filling station is its wide fuel dispensers with bright lightning and LED-panels. This is the second UPG petrol station in black-and-green design with neon elements.

    Updated menu at VIVO cafe

    VIVO cafe offers a wide choice of hot dishes, burgers and desserts. In addition, the menu includes oysters and mussels. Seafood lovers can also order a glass of prosecco.

    The food display has new delicacies: “Caprese” salad, prosciutto salad, several new club sandwiches, including vegetarian ones, three types of bruschetta, as well as a selection of snacks.

    About UPG

    • UPG sells exclusively high-quality fuel.
    • UPG constantly controls compliance with all the necessary rules and regulations for the transportation and storage of fuel at all stages.
    • All the fuel is supplied directly from the manufacturing plant and does not contain any additives.
    • UPG has 70 stations in 16 regions of Ukraine and is rapidly developing.

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