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    Welcome the summer by enjoying ice U ice cream from UPG – coming soon at VIVO café!


    It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you run a successful business or just acquire a profession, love speed or choose measured driving, your summer always means ice cream! The ideal dessert back from childhood, without which it is impossible to imagine a summer vacation, starting from June 1 at VIVO café – a chain of restaurants at our newly built and renovated gas stations.

    Ice U from UPG is the ice cream we create from a selected milk mixture on specially purchased professional equipment. Get ready for a difficult task of choosing from the cult-favorite flavor palette and deciding which filler or topping will make you happier at this moment.

    Also, soon at VIVO café you will be able to buy milkshakes and coffee drinks with added ice cream. This is a unique offer among modern gas stations and yet another great reason to visit UPG.

    The service at our gas stations is designed for the comfortable stay of the whole family. We are sure that our smallest customers – the biggest fans of ice cream, will love ice U. We are already anticipating the white mustache above the lips from the dessert and eyes squinted from pleasure. Creating positive moments for the little ones makes us happier. That is why we dedicated the launch of the ice cream to the International Children’s Day.

    Be prepared: it’s not simple ice cream waiting for you, but an energizing dessert which can sweeten everyday life. Take the coolness with you, or eat it at the cafe, fully enjoying the moment.

    Welcome the summer with ice U ice cream at the UPG gas stations, fill your heart with bright moments and, despite everything, believe in the good, which always wins.