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    Winter EURO DIESEL is Now Available at All UPG Gas Stations!


    We are ready for the cold season. UPG has started selling non-freezable Euro-5 diesel fuel which ensures trouble-free operation of engines at the temperature from -21°C and below. Loyalty and stability of prices offered by the company thanks to full logistical self-dependence is another permanent advantage to choose UPG.

    We export winter EURO DIESEL directly from Europe. The product has the highest technical characteristics and complies with the Euro-5 environmental standard and the requirements of DSTU. High-class fuel guarantees easy acceleration of the car, excellent maneuverability, stable and safe operation of the engine in winter.

    Quick start of the engine when using winter EURO DIESEL fuel from UPG is determined by its cetane number which is above the mark of 50 (depending on the batch). In cold weather, it provides greater efficiency of the diesel engine and complete fuel combustion. Another important indicator of fuel quality, namely the content of sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons, is also within the normal range.

    Euro-5 winter diesel is also the best choice because, according to the standard, the flash point in a closed crucible cannot be lower than 55 units. The mass fraction of various impurities should not exceed 24 mg/kg, and the maximum filterability temperature should not exceed minus 20 degrees.

    This is another opportunity for drivers to save money because the use of high-quality fuel implies less fuel consumption by the car. By filling the fuel tank, you also take care of the environment, as the Euro-5 environmental standard means stricter requirements for the degree of purification from particles that pollute the environment.

    Timely preparation of the car for winter is, above all, about safety. We urge Ukrainian drivers to prepare their cars for frost and possible icy condition of roads in advance: to change to winter tires, check the proper operation of the car, and use only seasonal diesel that will match the air temperature.

    With the winter EURO DIESEL from UPG you will be confident in the operation of the car, despite the weather’s caprices!